Linkedin's New AI Chatbot Could Be The Career Coach You Always Needed!
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November 13, 2023

Linkedin's New AI Chatbot Could Be The Career Coach You Always Needed!

Are the days of being ghosted by hiring managers over?

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Have you ever been scrolling through your LinkedIn feed, maybe sipping on your

morning brew, and stumbled across a job posting and wondered, “Hmm, could I be a

good fit for this?” or “Would my resume even be seen if I apply?” Seems like simple

enough questions, but it can really be a tough thing to figure out on your own. Luckily for

you, LinkedIn just hit a milestone with 1 billion users and rolled out a cool AI chatbot to

help you land that potential dream job.

The all-new artificial intelligence-powered “job seeker coach” was announced this past

Wednesday alongside many other generative AI tools for Premium members. This new

feature is powered by GPT-4, the same generative AI large language model that

highlights OpenAI’s viral chatbot ChatGPT. Not to mention, it has the inside scoop on

more than 67 million employers using LinkedIn.

Talk about connections.

With the endless rounds of interviews, cover letters, and spammy recruiting emails, we

all know how hard it can be to get a job. Many job hunters search for months only to be

cut short on the third round of interviews or worse, never called back again — it can get

frustrating as hell. With the intro of these new generative AI tools, though, this process

could be a lot less of a headache.

Over the past year, LinkedIn has been in the lab, coming up with AI features, like using

generative AI tools to produce better job postings and profiles. The Microsoft Corp.-

owned company, which has invested billions into OpenAI, then focused more on

introducing the new software to help hiring managers and the use of a chatbot interface

that provides an employee training tool along with a conversational search that lets

users ask genuine questions about their jobs. New users of the chatbot can even ask

questions like, “Am I a good fit for this job?” And “How can I best position myself for this

job?” Real questions they would ask a career coach.

This is where the chatbot comes in. Instead of spewing pre-destined responses, it would

then analyze your profile and experience and highlight your strengths — giving you

ideas on how to boost your chances of landing your dream job. The chatbot can also

point out what may be a possible gap in your experience that may or may not hurt your

chances in the job application.

You can even ask the chatbot to identify LinkedIn connections who work at the

company you've got your eye on. It'll scan your network and suggest potential contacts

who might be willing to open some doors for you. This feature is gold, especially if

you’re a noob looking to break into a specific industry. Hell, the generative chatbot can

even help write the letter to reach out to your possible connection. LinkedIn knows how

tough these short-form letters can be, asking about interests and whatnot, but the

chatbot can help by giving you a few writing examples or helping you find some sort of

inspiration for your piece.

This new AI feature will be game-changing. It can quickly help you to understand if

finishing the job application will be worth your time. This will help save you tons of time

and energy in the job application world. You won’t be applying to something that may be

out of reach, and this can also help find better matches for you. This new software helps

compare your own skills to the ones listed in the job description. It works by using AI to

summarize all the important points within each post. Someone who has applied to a job

can then quickly understand if they’re a fit for the role, highlight their strengths and what

may be a weakness, and also even provide a tip or two on how to improve their

chances of landing the job.

Thanks to slowing expansion, LinkedIn is attempting to revamp its growth in revenue

after a dreadful eight months of slowed growth. LinkedIn is exploring some new features

and different opportunities for their user engagement. This will be done by implementing

some fresh, new strategies, hoping to bring in more users and advertisers and

eventually bring back revenue gains.

Just two weeks prior to the new launch, they announced nearly 700 job cuts, mostly

from the engineering unit.

Now, we've seen a fair share of AI mishaps in hiring, like Amazon's resume sorter not

being too friendly to words related to women, and studies highlighting bias in job

recommendations. But LinkedIn's chatbot is different. It's more like your supportive

coach, offering guidance and encouragement instead of perpetuating biases.

This new generative AI tool can completely reverse the job search by adding its all-new

“coach.” It’s like having someone cheer you on on the sidelines, giving you good tips

and tricks, answering questions, and seeing if you’re a good fit for the role. A

detrimental key component in searching for the right thing.

Essentially, think of this AI tool as your personal dating app for job seekers and

companies. It helps you turn questions into real-life answers, highlights your relevant

experience, and points out areas where you might need some improvement. Swipe left

or swipe right, and your next job might just be the one where you spend the next 20-30

years—or even your final gig before retirement.

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